Troy Lawson for 
Guilford County Commissioner 5

Help us keep a majority on the Board of Commissioners! Join our movement!

Help us keep a majority on the Board of Commissioners! Join our movement!Help us keep a majority on the Board of Commissioners! Join our movement!



The Rhino Times

Troy Lawson has been endorsed by 6th District  Congressman Mark Walker and was the chairman of the Guilford County  Republican Party from 2017 to 2019, serving as its first  African-American chair. In 2018, at the urging of the North Carolina  Republican Party, Lawson ran unsuccessfully for the NC state House  District 57 seat while still serving as chairman. Lawson has a bachelor’s degree from Boston College and an MBA from  Strayer University. He has worked in higher education and nonprofit  management. Lawson is a lifelong Republican and much of his volunteer work in Guilford County has been for the Republican Party. Lawson is a strong conservative who has worked hard to help get  conservative candidates like Walker, Lt. Gov. Dan Forrest and President  Donald Trump elected.In this case, particularly considering all the pressure the  commissioners are under to raise property taxes, I think it’s more  important than ever to elect strong conservatives, which makes Lawson  the better choice.


Congressman Mark Walker

“What makes Troy Lawson stand out is his diligence, He  shows up and he has worked hard for many Republican campaigns, including  mine. I have confidence he will continue that approach as a  commissioner in Guilford County. Please join me in supporting him in  District 5.”

Congressman Mark Walker

NC District 6


Lee Haywood

“Troy Lawson has impressed me with his work ethic and loyalty to conserative principles from the first day I met him. He has never turned away from an opportunity to support Republican principles, ideals and candidates. During his term as county chairman, he was always the first one to roll up his sleeves and get to work with enthusiasm. Troy is passtionate about conservatism concepts, he believes in Republican principles and will vote on the side of the people of Guilford County every single time. For these reasons, I offer my complete and enthusiastic endorsement of Troy Lawson for County Commissioner, District 5.”

Lee Haywood

Former Chairman, District 6


Mark Robinson

“As a friend and a fellow conservative, I’d like to add my endorsement to the growing list of those supporting Troy Lawson for Guilford County Commissioner. I know Troy. I know what his motives are and how dedicated he is to Republican principles. He is a patriot who believes that the constitution is a sacred document - not a politician who chooses issues based on focus groups and fundraising. Troy stands with me on the side of the second amendment, the right to life and economic opportunity for all. Join me in supporting Troy Lawson for Guilford County Commissioner, District 5 and keep a solid Republican majority on the Board of Commissioners.”

Mark Robinson

Candidate for NC Lt. Governor 


Clarence Henderson

“I would like to endorse Troy Lawson for Guilford County Commissioner.  I look forward to the efforts he will make on behalf of every man, woman and child in Guilford County regardless of race, ethnicity, or zip code. I believe that Troy will help unify and bring prosperity to our county, without compromising the core conservative values that he has held since his youth. Troy is without question the best candidate for District 5 and for Guilford County.  Please join me in supporting Troy Lawson for Guilford County Commissioner.”

Clarence Henderson

Civil Rights Activist

Woolworth’s Lunch Counter Sit-In