Troy Lawson for 
Guilford County Commissioner 5

Help us keep a majority on the Board of Commissioners! Join our movement!

Help us keep a majority on the Board of Commissioners! Join our movement!Help us keep a majority on the Board of Commissioners! Join our movement!

dealing with covid-19

Guilford County friends, lets all be a part of the solution! First, find accurate, trustworthy resources and educate yourself. Secondly, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and defend them with courtesy and compassion. Be aware of those who are at a higher risk. Lastly, check on your neighbors. This is a good time to introduce yourself! 

The Platform



 The quality of a child’s educational opportunities should never be determined by their zip code. My record shows that I am committed to supporting teachers, families, and children throughout Guilford County. As I have toured many schools in District 5, their physical condition is of particular concern to me. Count on me to support long overdue improvements and appropriate funding for our schools

Public Safety

Rising crime in our county affects every one of us, regardless of our district. Law enforcement agencies are short on personnel and budgets are tight. Count on me to fight for our men and women in uniform by working for adequate pay and proper training.

Property Taxes

Our current Board of Commissioners has done a stellar job at keeping our tax rate steady for the past several years. However, our property tax rate is still above the state average. Count on me to continue the good work of our current board, while working to keep our property taxes in line with other counties our size.


Economic Development

Guilford County is currently enjoying a robust economy, indicated by excellent employment opportunities that are available to our citizens. However, there is always room for improvement! Count on me to support measures that will continue to attract companies and corporations, bringing high-paying, long-term jobs with them to Guilford County.


Count on Troy Lawson to be a friend to small business owners in Guilford County!

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